Winner of the MedFish4Ever Award on innovative practices in aquaculture research

Innovative saltwater aquaponic system

El sistema acuapónico de agua salada desarrollado por el IRTA en el marco del proyecto europeo NewTechAqua ha sido el ganador de los Premios MedFish4Ever sobre prácticas innovadoras en la investigación acuícola.

Why does this matter?  

This prototype is part of the European NewTechAqua project of the H2020 programme, which strives to innovate in sustainable aquaculture production systems. The main characteristic that separates these models is their low installation cost: they use common and even recycled materials, consume minimal electricity, and have the ability to adapt to very diverse environments and situations – including using alternative energy sources such as photovoltaics. The simplicity of the design means it can be adapted for almost any fish and vegetable model, optimizing the space–productivity ratio for species such as Salicornia, tomato or lettuce in combination with flathead grey mullet, trout or seabass, for example.


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