The IRTAmar® recirculation module is an automated, “smart”, multi-functional water treatment and recirculation system for use in aquaculture research, production and aquariumology. It is specifically designed to cover a wide spectrum of possibilities with a single piece of equipment, highlighting its versatility as its main feature. This has been the main characteristic that has made AZTI opt for two new pieces of equipment for its pilot plant that they are developing within the Orrua facility, where they intend to test recirculation technology with species such as turbot or cod. It has been decided to do it on a semi-industrial scale, being able to produce just over 1 ton.

The new IRTAmar® recirculation modules have been designed according to the needs of AZTI, for this purpose, between IRTA and Ingesom, IRTA’s industrial partner for the commercialization of the modules, a scrupulous protocol of 75 key questions has been designed that allows defining with the maximum possible clarity of the characteristics with which each of the modules must be provided. In this way, a new additional value is added to the two key characteristics of the IRTAmar®, flexibility and online management of the main parameters, the self-check of its proper functioning based on the instructions for which it has been designed.