Autonomous Recirculation Modules

IRTAmar® is protected by the invention patent “Autonomous testing and research system in aquaculture ES 2 387 245 B1 Issued Feb 28, 2011.

All IRTAmar® equipment allows the maintenance of any aquatic species, both saltwater and freshwater, as well as cold or warm water at any time of the year, regardless of the environmental conditions. It is an equipment of great robustness and safety and with the maximum traceability of the physical and chemical parameters of the culture water.

At IRTAmar® you will feel the security of having access to all the tools you need to provide the welfare that fish require both in saltwater and freshwater thanks to its versatility that allows you to maintain your crops in a durable, traceable and sustainable way. You will also have sessions with scientists and engineers who will guide you in the best way to achieve your aims.