Technical services

Through our technical office we advise and design the most appropriate installations, accessories or equipment according to the customer’s requirements, and then, we manage the work, execution and commissioning. Offering, finally, maintenance and repair services.

At IRTAmar ® we offer professional services with high added value that, together with all our know-how, become the best technical solutions for any type of hydraulic installation. Through our technical office and our highly qualified team, we offer the customer a comprehensive service capable of solving, in a global and rigorous way, any request:

  • Studies to estimate the project viabaility, as many of new creations and in progress.

  • Analysis of existing infrastructures for its exploitation or improvement

  • Advise you on the most productive methods to manage your production, optimizing cost savings by using the latest technologies in aquaculture.

We are specialists in the design and installation of recirculation systems.