How RAS technology can make your life easier

Conceptually recirculation is simple. It consists of passing the same water, over and over again, through an infinite loop in which we try not to lose too much water in the process, maintain the essential conditions for the life of the animals and avoid scares.

We spend more time on these potential vicissitudes and, sometimes, to avoid them we take counterproductive measures, which end up undermining trust.

Forget about the complexities of whether your RAS is going to work or not, neglect the monitoring by controls and automation systems and focus on what is really important: your essay.

We have already tried everything, or almost everything, because we continue to evaluate the operation of our RAS in unique conditions. Yours.

Our researchers ask us for security, adaptability, repeatability, control, interactivity and live monitoring of the data generated by the system, the possibility of rapid response and modifying the conditions according to the possible experimental protocols and… spending a quiet weekend.

We can offer everything first directly if you decide that the IRTAmar® RAS are the best option for your trial to be a success.

Simply by choosing IRTAmar® RAS, we offer for you all of it as it is the best option for your trial to be a success.

For the last point, to have a calm and smooth weekend, we have a training program for technicians and users of the IRTAmar®  designed so that they learn as they go, that they are intuitive and proactive, that they learn to anticipate problems, and solve them, because not everything is going to be AI.

We need people to use technology but not become exclusively technologically dependent.

This program offers the possibility of training users on site, with the system that has been purchased, before being sent to the research center or R&D department. Test that it works according to our standards and subject it to different tests to be sure that it can respond to the uniqueness of your investigations.

You may even want us to help you with the experimental design, you may want us to advise you on how to optimize your work unit, reduce costs, digitalize the process, incorporate control technology.Well, that is possible because we also have this service. Advice. Because we do not sell RAS, we offer comprehensive solutions to use RAS technology in aquaculture research.

And now IRTA and INGESOM have joined forces to offer you all this.

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